The breeding ground for some of the best paintball players in the thousand island area. Owned and operated by one of the most driven people in the sport, innovation and new experiences are what keep bringing people back.

Ground Zero Paintball is proud to offer the safest playing experience possible! With five spectator friendly paintball fields, feel free to bring your lawnchair and watch the action from behind our fortified twenty foot high netting.

With over 200 acres of land, GZ Paintball has unlimited room to grow, and continues to do so. There is currently a possible nine fields to play, the excitement never ends! Speedballers and woodsballers alike can enjoy a variety of fields of play.

We are working hard to improve the playing experience for new players and veterans alike. We are always making improvements and brining new and innovative field designs to those that make playing at Ground Zero an experience like no other!

We look forward to seeing you at Ground Zero …

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