First Time Questions

We get questions every day about coming out and playing paintball…and most of the time the questions are similar, we’ve answered a few of them here for you to look over:

Does it hurt when I get hit?

Being hit with a paintball is like getting hit with a tennis ball. Unlike a tennis ball however paintballs are designed to break open upon impact and therefore cause little, if any, pain. The player will experience a slight stinging sensation that will go away within a few seconds. Many players are apprehensive about getting hit, but once the game begins and your adrenaline starts pumping, most people do not even feel a hit.

This is my first time playing, will I be “out-gunned”?

No. Paintball is so popular due to the fact that it is easy to learn to play. Men and Women, the young and old alike can compete together equally because the key to winning is communication and team work, not who brings out the larger markers. The ability to think and act under pressure is important, not an individual’s size, strength, age or experience. The staff at Ground Zero also try to make sure that the most fun is being had by seeking participants approval to link up groups and have no issue with keeping small groups together without sharing the experience.

Can I bring my own Paintballs?

No. Ground Zero Paintball is a field paint only facility. This is to ensure that the best quality paint is being used for the pleasure and security of our participants.

What is the minimum age to play?

The minimum age to participate is 10 years old, with parental consent.


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