Is Paintball Safe?

For Safety, paintball players must always wear goggles specifically designed for paintball use to protect their face and eyes. Goggles must be worn during a game and at all times when a person is in an area where shooting is permitted, such as the target range or chronograph area. A protective face mask is mandatory nearly everywhere, and should be worn regardless.

Paintball is a very safe sport as long as safety rules are followed. Insurance statistics have shown that paintball is safer than golf, jogging, tennis, swimming and many other sports.

Referees on the field enforce safety and game rules. No physical contact is permitted in the game, and players are ejected from games or the playsite for breaking safety or playing rules. Fields have boundaries, and a player who steps outside a field’s boundary is eliminated from that game.

Ground Zero prides itself on providing the safest playing experience in Ontario.


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