Paintball is a sport that has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years. It offers individual and team players excitement, action, and fitness. The sport of paintball also provides people with an inexpensive and easily accessible way to get involved. While there are many reasons as to why this sport has become so popular, some key factors for this growth seem to be increased media exposure and promotional strategies by both independent retailers and manufacturers alike. As well, one can definitely say that the desire on behalf of society to participate in such activities which allow for competition (sports) or entertainment (video games) is high among Canadians. In short, more people want to play paintball because it's fun! However there are other more important reasons why paintball is so popular in Canada.

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Casual vs Competitive Players

Casual players are given great flexibility when it comes to playing the game, namely because of the wide array of equipment available to participants today. New guns, masks, and clothing are being introduced each year to meet this demand. Items which were once only available at specialty paintball stores are now also found at major sporting goods retailers or can be ordered through your local department store via catalogs or online shopping sites. Paintball was once considered a "niche" item that only certain types of people played but over time has become more widely accepted by all sorts of people, particularly casual players who wish to partake in the activity without spending too much money or effort on their part.

The Sport of Paintball

Paintball may be considered a "sport" in the traditional sense but it is actually much more than that. It has evolved into an activity which could be done competitively or simply for fun. Although originally thought of as a game played in isolated forest regions, paintball has since taken hold of our towns and cities where ongoing battles are waged between individuals or entire teams at set locations such as public buildings, arenas, military bases, etc. Formal tournaments also provide players with opportunities to prove their mettle against other players from around North America and abroad. While this form of play is definitely not for everyone (players must comply with strict rules and boundaries), it does offer individuals who want to experience the sport in a more competitive way the chance to do so.

Organized Play

As paintball has taken hold of our towns and cities, there has come an influx in the number of organizations dedicated to promoting this game. Teams are formed by players wishing to properly represent their hometowns or provinces (hence becoming "province/state" teams) while others choose to join regional groups that provide them with opportunities for tournaments or other forms of play. Many independent retailers also sponsor teams due to the fact that it allows them an avenue through which they can promote themselves within their local communities without having to invest too much money into doing so (i.e., sponsoring a team will allow you free advertisement). Information about these groups can be found on the Internet or by talking to people at your local paintball arena.